The Region

Arcos de Valdevez
The Arcos de Valdevez municipality is located in the province of Minho, Viana do Castelo district, along the border of the Galician region of Ourense.
The “Vez”
Arcos de Valdevez consists of 36 parishes, with an area of ​​450 km2 and retains all the characteristic charm of this region: lush green landscape, abundant fresh air, medieval architecture and the river Vez that reflects all the pride of a town rich in history.
mountains of Soajo and Peneda
It is essentially a mountainous area that consists of the mountains of Soajo and Peneda, reference territories of the Peneda-Gerês National Park.
“Espigueiros” do Soajo
Arcos de Valdevez, despite a remarkable development in terms of trade, services and industry is mostly a rural municipality, whose main economic activity is based on traditional farming of high quality.
The agriculture practiced here is essentially subsistence farming principally for household consumption, and the only agricultural products marketed commercially are based on mountain products of green wine from the extensive stocks of indigenous cultivars in the valley. The farms are of small size and are fragmented into a large number of blocks, arranged in terraces.
Arcos de Valdevez
The knowledge, the practices and customs of the local people are one of the main strengths of our territory. It is knowledge passed on from generation to generation allied with the intrinsic abilities of each individual that allow for an efficient use of space, and cost savings in the economic management of the family business units and the territory as a whole.
Santuário da Peneda
In addition, the traditions, usages and customs, based on experience accumulated over centuries of history, provide a characteristically unique know-how, which transmits to the products of this area inimitable features that meet the demand of consumers searching for a different cultural identity than their own. For those who belong here the products bring to mind the flavours and tastes of a region that is their very own . . .

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